I came to Ruth after struggling for many years with Anxiety.  Ruth’s kind nature and understanding knowledge made me feel completely at ease and therefore open to respond well to the acupuncture. I now feel so much calmer & am able to keep my Anxiety under control, which is the bet feeling.  Thank you Ruth, you’re one in a million!

Mrs T, Birmingham

I came to Ruth with migraines and neck tension.  Over the course of the acupuncture my neck pain is significantly improved.  My migraines, once frequent, are now few & far between.  Thank you so much Ruth its been a long time since my neck has been this good.

Mr DT, Erdington

Ruth has a professional approach which is delivered in a caring way making the treatment a pleasant experience.

Mr B, Nuneaton

I consulted Ruth Wallis in Jan 2013 for help with a recurring chesty cough, which had lasted many weeks, refusing to clear with antibiotics and conventional medicines.

Ruth took a great deal of care to build up a full picture of my state of health, both physical and emotional, considering recent events and family history. I felt my treatment was very closely tailored to meet my particular needs.

The treatment proved extremely helpful and effective. There was a noticeable improvement after the first treatment and by the end, my chest felt completely free. I would wholeheartedly recommend Ruth as an acupuncture practitioner.

Ms H, Somerset

I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease almost eight years ago now and, until I met Ruth, I was unaware of the positive impacts that acupuncture could have on my condition.

I have been Ruth’s patient for approaching a year now and, from very early on in the that period the benefits have been quite noticeable: my ‘resting tremor’ is calmer than it was, my joint and back pain have lessened and I genuinely feel more positive and ‘chilled out’!

I am immensely grateful to Ruth, not only for providing such effective treatment, but also for her enthusiastic, diligent, inclusive and, above all, her caring approach to researching, establishing and then ‘evolving’ the optimum treatment plan for me moving forward …

For anyone considering acupuncture therapy for themselves or perhaps for a relative; I would wholeheartedly recommend trying it and, from personal experience, you could not put yourself in a better pair of hands than Ruth’s.

Mr E, Sutton Coldfield

I have known Ruth and had treatment from her for twelve months. She has treated the arthritis in my knees and ankles with wonderful results. She has also significantly helped me with the acid problem in my stomach.

I have total faith and trust in Ruth when she treats me.

Mrs JZ, Erdington

I have been an IBS sufferer for a number of years, recently I reached a low point where my symptoms were impacting on my daily life. I experienced bloating, nausea, anxiety and stomach cramps resulting in disrupted nights associated with diarrhoea, constipation & vomiting. I was afraid to eat a proper evening meal as I couldn’t be sure how my body would react – life was pretty grim, social life zero as I was constantly worrying about getting enough sleep.

On first meeting Ruth I knew I was in good hands as she not only looked at my physical symptoms but looked at me as a whole person – thus enabling her to treat me appropriately – mentally and physically. Since my acupuncture treatment started my symptoms are less frequent, less intense to the point of my condition not dominating my life.

I am more relaxed, much more confident that my symptoms are under control but most of all feel significantly better. I can now lead a normal life again.

I would strongly recommend Ruth’s treatment of my IBS to anyone as it was truly positive and successful approach for me. Thank you Ruth!

Mrs AJS, Sutton Coldfield